Dr Thomas Basler


Thomas Basler - MD, MBA

Thomas Basler received his primary qualification from the Medical School at the University of Jena in 1995.

He started his career in Germany and subsequently worked internationally.

His broad clinical experiences come from a range of hospital centres in Thuringia, Vienna, Sydney and London.

Experiences include anaesthesia, intensive care for adults, children and newborns and acute paediatrics.

Besides this, he did large numbers of medical retrievals for sick babies and children in the Australian outback, as well as shifts in emergency rooms and maternity units.

In addition to his comprehensive and international hospital work, Thomas Basler carried on researching. He received a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Jena, Thuringia.

His thesis was based prospective clinical studies which examined metabolic changes in intensive care patients. Main results were published in 2002: "Amino acid imbalance early in septic encephalopathy", Intensive Care Med, March 2002, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 293–298

In 2006, Thomas Basler settled in the heart of London, undertook an Executive MBA at Imperial College and continued to extend his professional spectrum.

Today, his weekly routines include NHS shifts, independent sector sessions and private clinic and consulting work.

clinic and consulting

Thomas Basler combines modern medical aesthetics, anti ageing and metabolic health.

He has a vital drive for wellness development, international knowledge upgrade and effective options for integrative therapy.

His long and distinct medical career combined with private practice expansion is an unique asset for his patients and clients.